Hollywood Jimmie - 5 song EP

Released Jan, 2023 in memory of the band's former drummer James Badger

Cattle Stop Diner

Debut album released Dec, 2019

Music - Videos

Mojave Moon

From the EP "Hollywood Jimmie" released January, 2023

Give Back The Key

To My Heart

Here's a live video of DerbyTown performing the classic Doug Sahm song at TractorGrease Studios in Chilliwack.

Honky Tonk Friday Nights

An original tune of the band, this is an ode to the now defunct Vancouver music spot, The Marine Club.

Halifax Explosion

This original song is an ode to a story from the Halifax Explosion, which devastated Halifax on 6 December 1917 when two ships collided in the city's harbour, one of them a munitions ship loaded with explosives bound for the battlefields of the First World War. The song focuses on the story of Vincent Coleman, a train dispatcher who was able to warn an approaching passenger train not to come into the harbour. He succeeded in saving the train but lost his own life in the disaster.